Improve your health with one of our Swim Jet water treadmill systems in San Diego, CA; Valley Center, CA and surrounding areas

We are dedicated to the health benefits of swimming, water exercise, and water therapy. Our Swim Jet water treadmill systems typically provide 2 powerful 400gpm pumps to swim against a current to get exercise and not break your breathing and stroke rhythm. It also provides a powerful muscle massager. The swim jet system not only gives you a better-quality resistance workout than swimming laps, but you don't need a long lap pool to do it. You lose 90% of your body weight in chest-deep water, so that's why you see so many elders at the local pools getting their water aerobics exercise. Some exercises are as beneficial as if you were using weights.

Choose a pool company that can do it all

You can count on the capable Quality Custom Pools crew to enhance your property with:

Custom in-ground pools
Fiberglass pools
Water treadmill system installation services
Custom water features for swimming pools

We combine our expertise in building pools and our knowledge of water exercise to bring you a most unusual approach to building a backyard water recreation pool and water fitness center. From simple practical pools to cascading faux rock slides, waterfalls and streams, we bring you water therapy for the mind and body.

How are we making waves in our community?

When it comes to creating a personal paradise in your backyard, you'll want to work with a pool builder who puts your satisfaction first. You'll appreciate that the Quality Custom Pools team will:

Take the time to help you understand the ins and outs of pool ownership.
Use our four decades of experience to install your pool safely and efficiently.
Help you achieve better fitness and fun with the pool you've always wanted.

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